Questions After the Interview

There’s nothing like an interviewer asking, “So, do you have questions?” only to have this followed by an eerie silence. Use these few minutes to gain valuable information and make a strong impression.

  1. Of the people who have held this job in the past, what made them successful in this position?
  2. What are the key challenges of this position?
  3. At the end of the day, how does this position impact the rest of the department? Your customers?
  4. Where are you in the interview process? (How many people have been interviewed?)
  5. When do you plan to make a decision?

If you are interested in the position say so!

Don’t wear out your welcome. Be thorough and be concise in how you answer your questions. Spending too much time over your allotted interview time can turn a great interview into a “…when is this going to be over?” moment.

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