Resumes That Get Results

Most of us know how to write a resume. But how can you get the resume read when the screener has received 200+ resumes? The key is to write a resume that can be read in 30 seconds.

  1. Have your contact information clearly visible at the top of your resume. This should include: your name and address, home telephone number, cell phone number and email address. Make it easy to be contacted!
  2. Have an appropriate email address and save for your friends. Many internet providers allow you to have an additional email name for no additional charge.
  3. List an objective that specifies what you want to do. For example, to achieve a position as an administrative assistant. It’s that simple. Most people include so many three syllable words that the objective ends up meaning nothing.
  4. When listing your experience, make sure it explains what you accomplished. A lot of people can list the duties for which they were responsible. But if you want to get noticed, write your resume to include what you accomplished or the level of difficulty you mastered on the job. For example:

    – Answered 20-line phone and averaged 60 calls a day
    – Provided quick and accurate responses to guests requests

  5. Include your dates of employments…month and year! When a resume screener sees only years, often they assume you are trying to hide something.
  6. Chronological resumes tend to communicate tenure better than functional resumes. When seeing a functional resume, resume screeners want to know why there are no dates of employment.
  7. Include your highest level of education.
  8. Keep your resume to one page! In 30 seconds, a resume screener won’t get to the second page and they will have already made a decision.
  9. Always, allways, alwaize use spelcheker.
  10. Be prepared for the resume screener to call you. Make sure your answering machine has an appropriate message that clearly states your name and telephone number. Tell all your family members that you expect to get phone calls and have them answer the phone in a professional manner. Now is not the time to have soft, soothing music in the background.

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