Interview Tips for Industrial Workers

Candidates for industrial jobs must go into a job interview with the same preparation and mindset as any other profession. It’s worth mentioning that because some applicants have the mistaken idea that some so-called blue collar jobs (a general labor position, for instance) don’t need to be taken seriously since they don’t require any special skills.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. You need to look at every job as a starting point and do your utmost to make a good impression and get yourself hired. Once you’re in, you can show the company your value and begin working your way up the ladder. There are plenty of stories of men and women who took that route and today have CEO following their names.

Here are some suggestions to help you ace that important interview and get your career off the ground:

Do your research

What’s one of the worst questions you can ask during a job interview? Answer: “So, what do you guys do here?”

All it takes is a bit of research to get to know the history, products, and industry of any company. Your interviewer will be impressed if you can ask pertinent questions based on what you found online. It shows you are a serious candidate when you show up prepared.

Make a good first impression

Be on time for your interview and dress appropriately. You may be interviewing for a job at which you will dress casually, but that dress code doesn’t begin with the interview. A suit and tie might be considered overkill for a CNC operator job, but don’t dress below business casual. You could be offered a tour of the shop, so wear comfortable, stylish shoes.

Be a good listener

Listen closely to the interviewer’s questions. Then give yourself a moment to think before responding. Some nervous or thoughtless candidates will interrupt interviewers before they can finish the question, while others will finish the interviewers’ sentences for them. If you’re hoping to get hired, listen until it’s your turn to speak.

State your case for being a good fit

Tell the interviewer about your experiences that are aligned with the job posting. For instance, if you’re applying for a job as a shipping and receiving clerk, you could explain that you worked in a warehouse previously, maintained the inventory of shipping supplies, operated a forklift and were proficient at tracking both shipped and received goods on a computer.

Let them know you’re comfortable with technology

Many industrial jobs use technology in place of manual labor. Describe how you have adapted to new technology at a former job, or speak about how technology has evolved over recent years in the manufacturing sector.

Emphasize that you are reliable

Highlight your attendance, and let them know you understand it’s important to their operation that you show up on time every day. Employers place a premium on workers who are committed and dedicated to their company.

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