Tips for Differentiating Yourself From Other Candidates

Employers are looking for specific skills and experience when interviewing candidates for a job opening. But what if several candidates meet all of the requirements? How does the hiring manager decide which of them stands out from the rest of the job seekers?

Of course, having the skill set to do the job well is important, but more and more companies are recognizing the merit of hiring well-rounded individuals. Those are the candidates who have the soft skills that can benefit the organization beyond providing job skills and experience.

Soft skills are those qualities that help you move to the front of a crowded field, and if you want to have the best chance of a second interview or maybe even a job offer, you need to let a potential employer know — either in your resume or during an interview — that you have them.

Here are a few soft skills that practically every employer hopes you have.


While it might be harder to highlight your leadership abilities in an interview, you can give examples of it in your resume and explain it further during the interview. Every company is looking for this soft skill from their people. It shows you know how to collaborate and take responsibility when it’s required. Organizations want to hire someone who will fit into their culture, and those with outstanding leadership skills will fit in almost anywhere.


Enthusiasm is one of the soft skills you can show both during and after the interview. You highlight it when you show your passion for the job you’re seeking. You can’t muster up enthusiasm; it should come naturally. When it does, it lets the company know you’ll be giving your best when you show up for work. Tell the hiring manager during the interview and in your thank-you note that you’re excited about being part of the organization.


Respect is another soft skill you can convey during the interview. Show the interviewer respect by giving eye contact, listening carefully and being polite with “please” and “thank you.” Your respectful attitude should extend to everyone you meet on the day of your interview, including the receptionist, maintenance workers, and others in the office. They may be talking to the hiring manager after you leave!


Showing a future employer you have confidence will, in turn, give them faith in you. Quiet confidence is a sign you believe you are capable of performing the task at hand. Bragging and posturing will give the interviewer the impression you are lacking self-confidence and trying to make up for it with boastful words.

Work Ethic

Stress your work ethic at every opportunity. Explain how your hard work paid off in completing a project ahead of schedule. Talk about your willingness to go the extra mile by working additional hours to help a customer out of a jam. Anything that you can point to that indicates you have a solid work ethic will work in your favor.

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