6 Ways to Effectively Manage Employee Turnover

Anyone who owns or manages a business knows one irrefutable truth: high employee turnover is expensive. It has a major impact on a company’s productivity, and it can have a negative influence on morale in the workplace.

If you’re having problems with turnover, you have lots of company. Many fine organizations grapple with it, and it can get out of control if it’s left unchecked.

Here are a few suggestions to help you slow down that revolving door.

Convey Your Expectations Up Front

Make sure your candidates know what you expect of them from the start. New workers become disillusioned quickly if they come onboard thinking they will be doing one thing, only to find out they are doing something else.

For example, if you’re hiring someone to work in the stockroom, but you want them to dig through cobwebs to remove all of the outdated inventory first, let them know before they start. There might be other candidates who would love that challenge.

Emphasize Onboarding

Get your new people off to a flying start by making their transition to your company as seamless as possible. Your onboarding process should include everyone on the team, so that bonds can form and strengthen quickly.

Educate new hires on your company’s core values, and explain to them that the organization recognizes achievements that align with those values. Show them at the beginning what success looks like in your company and provide them with the training and tools to achieve it.

Encourage Professional Development

You will retain more of your top workers if you offer them opportunities for learning and developing their skills. Good people are driven to grow and improve, and if you satisfy their need to improve, you will be helping them and your entire organization. Remember, if you won’t show them a path for moving forward, your competition will.

Communicate Clearly

Good communication is vital for the success of any business. Poor communication is frustrating for your people and can result in them eventually handing in their resignation. Imagine how your workers feel when it seems as though no one is listening to them or giving them feedback. Overcome this by encouraging open dialogue. You’ll take a big step toward holding on to your people if you schedule time for one-on-one talks with each of them.

Show Your Appreciation

Showing appreciation for an employee’s contributions is a wonderful way to keep them engaged and inspired. Workers who do their job well deserve praise, which leads to even more success for the employee and company. It’s also an effective retention tool. If you have people who are stepping up and giving that extra effort, you can’t expect them to continue their contribution if it isn’t recognized. Don’t be surprised when they end up working where it is!

Promote Camaraderie

Strong working friendships are an important factor in retaining employees. Fostering a culture of camaraderie and mutual respect helps your workers feel comfortable in their environment, and makes them more likely to stick around for the long haul.

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