5 Soft Skills That Will Help You Advance Your Career

Education, credentials, and technical skills are critical to both finding a job and advancing in your career. Companies want to know you can take on the responsibilities of the job and meet their needs. Degrees tell them you have been trained for a career, but it takes more than technical skills to maximize your value to the organization and propel your career in an upward trajectory.

The ultimate success of your career is dependent on more than being proficient at your work. If you don’t have the necessary soft skills to complement your training and education, you might fall short of your goals. If you’re not sure what soft skills are or which of them you should develop, consider these:

Soft skills can get you recognized

Soft skills are personal traits that help you add value both at work and away from it. Unlike technical skills, there are no diplomas or certificates to show you have them. They are attributes such as cooperation, teamwork, and time management. If you have them, they can help you advance in your career; if you’re short on them, you can begin to develop them right now.

Here are five crucial soft skills to consider:

  1. Communication skills

Always at the top of any list of soft skills, having excellent communication skills goes beyond speaking. It’s also about being an active listener, understanding the language, writing well, and having the ability to share technical and complex information with customers and co-workers effectively.

  1. Flexibility

Also known as adaptability, flexibility indicates an employee’s willingness and ability to respond quickly to changing circumstances. And because things are always changing in the workplace, those workers who approach their job with a flexible mindset will become highly valued by their employers.

  1. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are often called people skills for a good reason. They refer to relating well with your co-workers and a variety of other people. You will likely be called upon to work on a team, so your interpersonal skills will come into play as you collaborate with others on that important project. When you are applying for a job, your accomplishments will be very important, but if you can show you also work well with others, you’ll get a leg up on the other candidates.

  1. Strong work ethic

Employers want workers who have both the technical skills for the job and the initiative to get it done promptly. They also value people who show up every day and on time. These are the employees with a strong work ethic who follow instructions, work independently when necessary, stay focused, and budget their time effectively.

  1. Leadership

You may not have been hired for a leadership position, but there will be times when you’ll be asked to step up and take charge of a difficult situation. If you can do that successfully, you will assist your career advancement dramatically.

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