5 Ways to Increase Productivity without Experiencing Burnout

Everyone, from the newest entry-level employee to the CEO of the company, wants to be more productive. But it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. An all-out effort to get more things accomplished can leave you drained and turn you into a candidate for burnout.

It’s important to make intelligent choices about how you spend your time. Managing your day will allow you to get more done without leaving your energy reserves—and your brainpower— depleted.

Try some of these tips from the time-management experts to take control of your time and become more productive:

Keep a detailed calendar and schedule

To get the most out of each day, have a plan, and stick to it. Whether you’re at work or home, having the time to do your tasks or play a round of golf comes from having it on your schedule. First, you will need to learn how long specific tasks should take. Once you get a handle on that, you can add them to your calendar and start accounting for your time.

Make yourself unavailable

If possible, set aside blocks of time while you’re working on important tasks so you are not disturbed. Turn off your phone, save all emails for later, and let others know you won’t be available for conversations and meetings. Avoid distractions during this period and concentrate solely on the task at hand.

Learn to delegate

You won’t have productive days until you learn you can’t do everything yourself. If there are items on your calendar someone else can do just as well (or better) than you can, delegate or outsource them. Productivity comes from asking for help when you are overburdened. Delegating will free you up to do those things that add the most value to your do, and it will keep you from getting frazzled.

Work smarter

Not all parts of a day are created equal. Certain times lend themselves to specific tasks. For instance, mornings are usually suited for complicated tasks that require concentration since your brain is working at its peak. Afternoons are better for collaborating, brainstorming, or networking. Use your evenings for sitting back and making your long-term plans or perhaps contemplating your life’s big picture.

Maintain your energy level

It might sound counterintuitive, but exercising will give you more energy. By building muscle and improving your cardiovascular health, you will feel and think better. Studies have shown that physical exercise can improve the brain’s memory and problem-solving ability, along with physical improvements that help you to become more productive.

Short on time? Try some of these:

  • 15 minutes of yoga in the morning
  • 20-minute HIIT training session
  • 30-minute run or bike ride
  • power walk through the neighborhood

Remember, high productivity comes from employing a combination of time management techniques, brainpower, and physical fitness. You’ll get more done than ever before without risking a crash and burn!

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