Four Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Job Interviews

You have a job interview coming up, and you’re a bit nervous. Well, you’re terrified! Someone is about to pass judgment on what you say, how you look and what you’ve done in the past. If this person determines that you are the right fit for the job, your future will look bright. If not, you’re back to square one, waiting for the next interview.

There is nothing unusual about being uptight before a job interview. After all, someone else is in control of your future, and you don’t know much, if anything, about that person. If you didn’t have stress and anxiety, you wouldn’t be human.

The problem is being overly nervous could hinder your performance during the interview. Anxiety can manifest in fidgeting, forgetting, sweating, and babbling, none of which lead to making an excellent impression.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to mitigate these symptoms of fear and allow yourself to show the real you. Here are four suggestions:

  1. Make sure you are prepared

Preparing for an interview is one of the best methods for shedding nervousness. Learn everything you can about your prospective employer and the key people who are in charge. Find out which industries they serve and who their competitors are. The more you know about the company as you approach the interview, the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel.

Practice your answers to some of the most common interview questions. Once you have rehearsed your responses, you can avoid all those unappealing nervous habits and body language during the interview.

  1. Stay positive

When it comes to the job interview, it’s best to go into it with a positive attitude. You won’t impress a hiring manager if you have a chip on your shoulder. As part of your preparation, be sure to keep yourself upbeat by listening to motivating speeches or energizing music. Keep telling yourself you are the perfect fit for this position and say it until you believe it.

Make a dry run to the location of the interview. Doing this could eliminate any chance of being lost or late on your big day.

  1. Keep things in perspective

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is your only shot at a great job. If this opportunity doesn’t pan out, there will be others down the road. Your entire future is not on the line here.

If you take this attitude into the interview, you will be more relaxed and confident—something that will impress your interviewer. Showing desperation and neediness will not help your cause. Keep reminding yourself that even if things don’t work out this time, you will have learned a lot from the interview. Next time you’ll be a better candidate because of the experience.

  1. Try a trick or two

There are a few techniques that others have used stave off their nervousness. Here are some to try:

  •       Visualization: Visual imagery techniques could improve your performance.
  •       Breathing: Practice deep breathing techniques before the interview and use them during the interview.
  •       Pace yourself: Nervousness can make you speed up your speech, causing you to speak before you consider a question thoroughly. Remind yourself to slow down and don’t worry about the pause before you answer.

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