Stand Out at Your New Job with These 5 Easy Tips

You’ve just been hired. Way to go! You probably feel as if you’ve been through the wringer after attending all those networking events, reaching out on LinkedIn, sending out resumes, sitting through nerve-wracking interviews, and negotiating your salary. You earned this opportunity, and now you want to do your best and show your new employer they made the right decision in hiring you.

You have the right idea by wanting to prove yourself, but there are a few things to consider to make sure you are going about it the correct way. Here are five suggestions to help you hit the ground running at your new job.

  1. Show confidence

Send a message to managers and co-workers right up front that you’re ready to take on the job. Keep positive thoughts in your head by reminding yourself of all your strengths and skills. The company hired you because they thought you were the right person for the job. Thinking about that should give you a shot of confidence.

  1. Be patient and get to know the culture

Many people experience anxiety and second thoughts after they start a new job. It’s a normal feeling, so be patient and keep reminding yourself why you accepted the job. Once you become familiar with your new role, you’ll begin to feel different.

Learning about the company culture goes hand-in-hand with acquiring knowledge about the job. Get to know your associates and make friends. Listening to them will give you a sense of the culture and a better chance of fitting into it.

  1. Set realistic standards

New employees often try to make a positive impression by agreeing to every request, and they end up having trouble delivering. Don’t take on more than you can handle, especially in those first few weeks or months.

Along those lines, you might be tempted to show your dedication by staying over after your regular shift ends. While doing this may impress your manager, it could set an unhealthy precedent (they might come to expect it), and it could annoy your new co-workers.

  1. Ask for a meeting with your manager

You don’t have to wait until your first review. Ask for a meeting early on to gauge how you are doing so far. After you receive feedback, you can adjust the way you’re working. Sometimes waiting too long to tweak things is more difficult because you’ve had more time to settle into a routine.

  1. Find out how success is measured

You need to understand what your manager expects of you. In other words, how does your manager measure your success? If you’re not matching those expectations, you could be heading for conflict. Find out early what is expected of you and how success is measured.

Turn to a professional staffing agency

To stand out at your new job, be confident, patient, realistic, get to know the culture, and find out how they measure success. If you’re looking for a new job, contact the experts at Select Staff, a leader among job recruiters and temp agencies in Dallas and throughout Texas.

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