Experience the Personal Touch at Select Staff’s Harlingen Branch

Ariana Tovar, Operations Manager at the Harlingen Branch of Select Staff, tells a story that speaks to the branch’s motto: Quick to Respond and Ready to Help:

One of our employees accidentally shot himself in the knee with a nail gun while on assignment. A representative from Select Staff went to the worksite immediately and took charge of the situation. The employee could not bend his leg to fit into a car, so they called an ambulance and sent the employee to the hospital.

While the injury was very painful, proper care brought the employee back to 100%. It is our favorite story because we took a bad situation and turned it around. By knowing what to do, we helped the employee to feel cared for and valued. And, we helped him to have a good outcome after this injury.

The customers, applicants, and employees at the Harlingen branch also experience that same Select Staff personal touch. Customers receive it when staff members tour their facilities and gather the information needed to place employees who will help them reach their operational goals. And the personal touch continues whenever a customer calls—they are quick to respond and ready to help.

Applicants also see it during the seamless application, interview, and onboarding processes that are designed to help them reach their career goals. Applicants are thoroughly evaluated, so the staff understands what each one of them wants and can use their knowledge and expertise to help them get it.

Their employees feel the personal touch when they accept assignments. Because they know their customers and their workforce needs, their employees are set up for success. Employees know what to expect when they show up on the first day of an assignment. The staff lays it all out so that their employees arrive at an assignment feeling welcomed, appreciated, and productive.

Ms. Tovar talks about another challenging experience at the branch:

We had an order from one of our biggest clients: They needed 40-plus people to work a 6-week assignment in their peak season. Pulling together to make this happen was a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun. We have continued to service this customer, and now we help them staff up for six weeks every winter and six weeks every summer.

The Harlingen Branch of Select Staff places light industrial and clerical workers in Harlingen and the surrounding areas. Talk to one of their staffing and recruiting professionals by calling 956-412-8376 or stop in at 1617 East Tyler Ave, Suite M in Harlingen.

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