3 Tips for Breaking Out of a Job-Search Rut

Many job seekers fall into a job-search rut and don’t even realize it. Once they are stuck, their quest for a new job seems to go on endlessly. Not only that, but they start losing confidence and become hopeless as that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel appears to be moving farther away.

Here are some of the signs of a job-search rut. Knowing that you’re in one is the first step in getting out of it:

  • You haven’t been getting interviews even though you’ve been applying
  • You’re out of ideas for what to do next
  • You keep looking through job boards but can’t find anything that interests you
  • You’re losing the motivation to continue the job search
  • The job search has gone on for over three months with little or no activity

If this sounds like you, don’t lose hope. There are steps you can take to break out of this rut and turn things around. Consider these tips to re-ignite your job search:

Create a roadmap

Once you’ve accepted that your current job search has gone off the rails, you’ll need to produce a detailed strategic plan for getting back on track. Put everything down on paper so you have a visual guide to which you can always refer. Include at least the following in your roadmap:

  • Industries you want to target
  • Companies you believe would be the right fit
  • Roles you wish to pursue
  • Your priorities
  • All relevant contacts

Also, be sure to come up with an elevator pitch for face-to-face networking.

Start networking

Networking is the shortest path to a new job. If you haven’t been talking to the people you already know or taking advantage of events where you can meet new contacts, you need to shift your focus in that direction. When you talk to people in your field of interest, you get insights and learn things that will give an instant boost to your motivation, attitude, and confidence. Networking will jump-start your search and get you out of a rut quicker and more effectively than your job-hunting efforts online.

Win the mental game

It’s easy to become discouraged in the process of finding a job. If you start hearing negative voices in your head, understand that they are telling you lies, and you have the power to ignore them and make them go away.

If negativity is coming from those around you, start surrounding yourself with positive people. The job search can be extremely difficult, and it’s even harder if you’re doing it alone. Just make sure you’re getting excellent support from those around you.

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