What Do You Do If You Have Two Strong Job Candidates?

Here’s a quandary that most hiring managers would like to be facing: you have two exceptional candidates who have been running side-by-side throughout the entire recruitment process. You can only hire one of them, so which one do you choose?

Of course, this situation is not the norm. Many employers are finding it difficult (if not impossible) to find one outstanding candidate. With skilled talent in short supply today, it would be astonishing to end up with two top-caliber individuals—but it could happen!

It’s a wonderful problem to have until you realize that you can’t decide which person to hire. It’s a major conundrum that you need to resolve quickly, or you risk losing one or both of them.

How do you make the correct choice when you arrive at the moment of truth? Here are some suggestions to consider:

Assess how well each candidate will fit into your company’s culture

Employers should always consider whether a candidate will fit well and flourish in their company’s work environment. One method for determining cultural fit is to introduce potential hires to your team members before making an offer. You could make it part of the interview process and get invaluable feedback from your workers on how a potential hire might complement the rest of the team and the workplace culture.

Gauge their enthusiasm and interest

You’ve probably interviewed both candidates multiple times, so which of the candidates was more excited? Who followed up quickly after the interview? One of the candidates might have asked more questions and seemed especially interested in the company, its products, and its competitors. As you think back, one of the two was likely to have shown extra enthusiasm and interest.

Look to the future

Even though you are hiring to fill an immediate need, take a long-term view of the hire. Which candidate has the better potential to grow with the organization? Does one of them seem to possess more leadership potential than the other? These attributes might not carry a lot of weight today, but they could be invaluable down the road.

Hire both of them

If you can’t break the stalemate over which one to hire, take advantage of this unique opportunity and bring both of them on board. If you can fit it into your budget, it’s worth giving it serious consideration. After all, your business will never suffer because you have too many good employees. Think about any projects that have been on the back burner; one of your new workers could get them up and running. At the very least, the extra new hire could take the pressure off some of your over-burdened staff.

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