5 Important Skills Needed to Work in Customer Service

Whether you’re dealing with customers face-to-face, just a voice—or neither, you will have to display certain skills to be successful. Customer service work is important because you are the portal through which customers enter your employer’s business. If you frustrate or anger them, the company will suffer, and you run the risk of being replaced.

The good news is that you can become proficient at these skills and become an asset to your organization by focusing on five universal skills. Mastering these will dramatically improve your interactions with customers and have a meaningful impact on their buying experience.

Here are the skills that will serve you (and your customers) well:

  1. Patience

When you’re dealing with customers every day, it’s crucial to stay patient when they come to you confused and frustrated. Take the time to understand what they need and how you can help them. Customers will appreciate your competent service and the fact that you didn’t rush them through the process.

  1. Excellent communication skills

When a customer calls in, make sure you’re getting to their problem quickly. It isn’t necessary to fill them in on how your day is going or any other personal stories from your life, for that matter. Focus on accurately communicating anything of importance that will help them. Keep it as simple as possible, and don’t leave anything to doubt.

  1. Ability to listen

Being attentive is crucial for providing great customer service. By listening closely for any subtle clues about your customer’s mood, level of patience, and personality, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your interactions positive as you discern the issue about which they have called. As you develop this skill, you’ll be able to decipher what your customers are telling you without them saying it.

  1. Knowledge of the product or service

The best customer service employees will develop a deep knowledge of how their employer’s products and services work. Without this complete knowledge, there is little chance that you will be able to assist a customer who encounters a problem. While it might not be necessary for you to understand every nut and bolt of your product, you should know as much as the customer who uses it regularly.

  1. Flexibility

Customers have been known to throw surprises at customer service employees, so you need to have the ability to handle them. Sometimes a customer doesn’t react as you thought they would. Other times you may face an issue that isn’t covered in the training guidelines. Whatever the situation, you should be able to think on your feet: Who is your “go-to”? Who would be the best person to transfer the customer to for help?

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