How to Navigate Your Job Search During COVID-19

While it is true that many businesses are transitioning to remote work and laying off their workers, that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel and give up on your job search. Some companies might not be hiring today, but don’t assume that no one is looking for workers. The best plan for this economic environment is to keep applying and continue to network, so you have an excellent position when companies start hiring.

It might be a few months before you begin to see more than a few job openings. HR departments are busy getting everyone set up with the logistics and routines of remote work. As a result, bringing in new people is not their priority right now. But that could all change quickly as the economy picks up, so you need to keep working on your job search currently.

Here are a few tips to help you as you navigate your job search during COVID-19:

If you are unemployed, consider a stopgap

Although many industries are struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some others continue to hire. If you’re out of work and need funds to pay the mortgage and buy groceries, consider something other than your preferred job. It might be a stopgap measure, or you could be pleasantly surprised and find that you love this kind of work.

Do your networking online

There won’t be any live events for the foreseeable future, so take your networking strategy online. Start by joining professional groups on LinkedIn and Facebook. Both of these platforms have options for groups in almost any profession. It’s just a matter of entering a conversation by posting comments and making yourself visible. You can eventually invite someone to join you for a virtual coffee.

Check-in with the hiring manager who recently interviewed you

If you had a favorable interview recently and a job offer appeared to be imminent, check back with the hiring manager by email. Let them know that you understand they are involved in helping their current workforce get acclimated to remote work. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help, acknowledging that these are extraordinary times, and you know that this isn’t easy for them.

Do your research

Because of COVID-19, you have an opportunity to see how various companies are dealing with it.  The crisis can provide a rare look into a company’s culture. How is leadership dealing with this emergency? Are they allowing employees to work remotely? Are they supporting their people in other ways? Did they have layoffs?

If you have the chance for a future interview, you can demonstrate your understanding of the threats and concerns the company faced during the pandemic

Add to your skills

Look at some job descriptions and make a list of the required skills and experience. Then think about the skills you have, and use that information to determine what skills you should add to make yourself a better candidate.

Look to an experienced staffing agency

Talk to staffing professionals who are experts in the hiring process. Contact the professionals at Select Staff, a top recruitment agency in Dallas, Texas, and throughout the state.

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