Creating a Plan for Employees Returning to Work During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, but there have been substantial strides in combating the virus’s spread. Now, many companies are getting ready to let employees return to their traditional workspaces — and these businesses must prioritize safety.

COVID-19 has created a “new normal,” and your business must plan accordingly. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure that your plan allows employees to work safely and maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Here are tips you can use to create an effective plan for employees returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Manage Access to Your Workplace

Ensure only authorized employees come to work; also, employees should let visitors know to avoid their workplace or a designated area can be set up where visitors can come to your workplace. Furthermore, you should track the number of employees at your workplace at a given time. You can stagger work schedules and break times to reduce the number of workers at your workplace at different times during the day, too.

Create Physical Distance Between Workspaces

Verify that employees can perform everyday tasks and maintain a minimum of 6 ft. from their peers. Social distancing markers should be placed on floors to ensure that workers know when they are at least 6 ft. from others. Your business can place signs in hallways, break rooms, and other work areas to remind workers to practice social distancing as well.

Establish Cleaning and Hygiene Protocols

Make plans to clean and disinfect your work environment as frequently as possible. All workstations should be cleaned daily, and employees should receive training on how to keep their workstations neat and tidy. Furthermore, encourage workers to wash their hands frequently throughout the day and use hand soap and water when they do so.

Offer Mental Health Support

Meet with employees to address their concerns and questions leading up to their return to work. If possible, provide workers with mental health resources to alleviate stress or anxiety about the new normal. Finally, if workers feel too overwhelmed by returning to work at this time, be flexible, and let them know that your business will try to support them in any way it can.

Let Workers Know to Get Tested for COVID-19

Encourage employees to get tested if they show any COVID-19 symptoms. These employees should not come into work; instead, they should undergo testing and self-quarantine until they receive their test results. If a worker displays any symptoms of COVID-19 at work, send the employee home and let him or her know to get tested. You should also notify any employees who came into close contact with this worker to get tested for COVID-19.

Add Top Talent to Fill Roles Across Your Business

There are many challenges associated with returning to work during the coronavirus pandemic. But, with a plan in place, your business is well-equipped to protect its employees during this difficult time.

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