How to Be the Popular Temp Everyone Wants to Work With

Temporary employees may be short-term contributors to a business. But, the most-popular temps understand the ins and outs of business relationships. They are well-equipped to earn the trust and respect of their peers and deliver meaningful contributions across a company. Perhaps best of all, these temps can put themselves in a position to earn permanent roles.

With the right approach, anyone can become a popular temp at work. Some of the best ways to become the temp that everyone wants to work with include:

1. Embrace a Company’s Culture

Learn as much as you can about a company’s culture. Read the employee handbook, so you can understand a business’ policies and procedures. You should also take note of the behaviors and norms of a company’s employees and managers.

Over time, integrate yourself into a business’ culture. Show that you mesh well with your peers, and you may quickly discover that you are the most-popular temp at work.

2. Enhance Your Skill Set

Take on-the-job training seriously. Any time you engage in a work training class or program, take notes, ask questions, and use the opportunity to learn how you can enhance your skillset and boost your on-the-job productivity and efficiency.

As you build your skillset, you may find that you can help your peers complete a wide range of work tasks. Plus, you’ll make yourself exceedingly valuable at work, to the point where you may be regularly asked to contribute to myriad assignments and projects.

3. Build Rapport

Capitalize on opportunities to engage with peers at work. Use these opportunities to show you are willing to do whatever you can to contribute to a company’s success. At the same time, show your peers that you are focused exclusively on getting the job done.

It can be tough for a temp to build rapport with peers, but those who remain cordial and positive can boost the likelihood of doing so. Temps can also avoid asking personal questions or sharing too much personal information to show peers that they are committed to fostering work relationships.

4. Be Flexible

Maintain a “can-do” attitude. Be willing to accept new assignments or projects that come your way. Furthermore, show your peers that you can go with the flow; if an assignment or project comes off the rails, you should have no trouble adjusting to changes accordingly.

Flexibility can make a world of difference, particularly for temps who want to grow their careers with a particular business. If you go with the flow at work, you can be ready for any challenges or opportunities that come your way. You can then address these challenges with ease and capitalize on these opportunities time and time again.

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