How Managers Play an Important Role in Employee Wellbeing

As a manager, you want to inspire and motivate your employees. At the same time, you must prioritize employee wellbeing; otherwise, workers risk burnout and exhaustion.

Work-life balance is crucial, and employers are increasingly offering wellness programs to encourage workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Research indicates most employers offer wellness resources and tools to workers, and employees who engage in wellness programs can enjoy significant health benefits. Meanwhile, if you encourage your workers to take care of their health, your entire workforce may benefit.

Managers who promote employee well-being can help workers feel their best. Additionally, workers who prioritize well-being may be less susceptible than others to fatigue and illness because these employees consistently take time to take care of themselves.

For managers, there are many things you can do to promote employee well-being, such as:

1. Conduct Regular Employee Check-Ins

Meet with employees to ensure that they feel supported at work. You can host regular meetings to learn how workers are doing at work and if additional support is necessary. These meetings also enable you to share any employee concerns or questions with workers and find out how you can effectively support your employees going forward.

If workers believe they are struggling at work, collaborate with them to find ways to assist them. In doing so, you can provide workers with the support they need to thrive.

2. Foster a Culture of Openness

Encourage workers to perform their best, but try not to put too much pressure on employees. Remember, employees are trying their best, and you should accept that each worker is doing their part to contribute to your company’s success.

As part of a culture of openness, you should encourage workers to come forward with concerns and questions as well. Employees who proactively share concerns and questions can mitigate wellness issues before they escalate. Furthermore, you can learn from these employees and find innovative ways to help them achieve their career goals.

3. Set the Tone for Your Employees

Showcase the importance of employee well-being in your workforce. To do so, you can participate in employee wellness programs and encourage workers to join these programs. You can also request time off from work when you’re sick, take regular breaks throughout the workday, and conduct the actions necessary to protect your personal health.

How you set the tone for your workers relative to employee well-being can impact your company’s success, too. If you show your workers you genuinely care about work-life balance, they may be more prone than others to take care of themselves. Perhaps best of all, these workers will feel and perform their best, so they can provide meaningful contributions across your business.

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