4 Tips For Working With a Recruiter

Your job search has been comprehensive to date, but you continue to come up short in your quest to find your ideal role. Fortunately, a job recruiter can help you get the best results from your job search.   

A recruiter can make or break your job search since they are likely connected to your industry’s leading businesses. But, reaching out to a job recruiter can be difficult, particularly if you plan to work with a recruiter for the first time. 

If the prospect of contacting a recruiter stresses you out, take a deep breath and try not to panic. Instead, use the following tips to connect with a recruiter, so you can move forward in your career.  

  1. Describe Who You Are and What You’re About

Give your recruiter relevant information about you and your job search. That way, a recruiter understands who you are and what you’re all about and is well-equipped to help you secure your ideal job.   

Recruiters are busy professionals, and they are often tasked with helping many job seekers across various industries land outstanding roles. So, don’t waste a recruiter’s time — conversely, provide a recruiter with pertinent information, and make it simple for him or her to help you speed up your job search. 

  1. Provide Work Samples

In addition to sharing your resume and cover letter, provide a recruiter with work samples. Double-check any samples you give to a recruiter ahead of time to ensure they are accurate and align with your career interests and goals. Also, share details about when you initially produced these samples.  

Along with work samples, show a recruiter you are willing to do whatever it takes to secure your ideal job. For instance, you can provide information about how many job applications you submit monthly, which can help a recruiter understand the types of roles you are pursuing.   

  1. Be Respectful

Do your part to foster a relationship with a recruiter built on mutual admiration, trust, and respect. Remember, you and a recruiter share a common goal: to ensure you can find a job where you can thrive now and in the future. As such, you should treat a recruiter in the same way you want to be treated and recognize that he or she  like you  is doing their best.   

Finally, keep the lines of communication open with a recruiter, and let him or her know the best ways to contact you. This allows you to show a recruiter that you want to keep in touch with them and are willing to do your part to stay connected. Plus, the recruiter will have no trouble keeping you up to date as he or she helps you take the next step in your career. 

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