5 Signs Your Warehouse Company Could Benefit from a Staffing Agency Partnership

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The upswing in ecommerce, both in regards to safety and convenience, has meant warehouse employment is on the rise, growing at twice the average job growth rate.


With warehouse jobs sitting at an all-time high in the United States, it is extremely important that your warehouse operation has the best talent representing your company. Have you ever considered working with a staffing agency that specializes in your industry to help with your hiring needs? Working with a staffing agency can present a number of benefits, but sometimes it can be hard to admit when you need a hand.


If you have never worked with a search partner before, it could prove to be very beneficial for your company. Look out for these five telltale signs!


Your Warehouse Turnover Rates Are High


When staffing your warehouse, there is hardly anything more frustrating than securing a great candidate, only to have them leave within a few weeks or months. Not only do low retention rates mean having to go through the hiring process more often, but it also means spending far more money and resources to keep your operation staffed. For some, the cost of turnover is in the tens of thousands for every bad hire.


If you are finding yourself replacing your warehouse staff fairly often, working with an agency can eliminate the guesswork in finding great candidates. At Select Staff, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the best candidates for our clients, taking careful consideration in the screening and interview process to facilitate long-lasting professional relationships.


Your Warehouse Employment Needs Fluctuate


Warehouse operations are prone to drastic shifts in manpower needs, a problem only further exasperated in the wake of the pandemic. Seasonal upticks are just as common as downswings, and often, the number of staff you need on hand changes substantially. The same warehouse could require ten staff one week and fifty the next, which can present ongoing personnel and cost issues for hiring managers.


Rather than hiring, letting go, and rehiring employees every time you have fluctuating warehouse needs, bringing on extra hands on an temporary, as-needed basis can help to alleviate seasonal stress while maintaining efficiency and productivity, so that your operation never misses a beat. You can trust that the contractual employees sourced by Select Staff will be an asset to your team during periods of heightened demand.


Your Company is Expanding or Pivoting


Are you a relatively new operation? Are you repositioning yourself in a new industry, location, or product offering? If your company is experiencing any sort of restructuring, partnering with a staffing agency to handle personnel changes can help mitigate a ton of stress and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.


It is always important to have a strong workforce, but perhaps even more so if you are embarking on a new venture. Having an incredible team to represent your operation as you change directions is a sure-fire way to ensure success. Handing over the reins to a staffing agency such as Select Staff during these transition periods not only relieves a lot of personnel headache but also gives you peace of mind that your employees will be pre-screened, prepared and vetted to represent your operation to the best of their ability.


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Your Employees are Overwhelmed


Warehouse employee burnout, hand-in-hand with increased warehouse demand, has unfortunately also been on the rise. Overworked employees can lead to a number of problems in a warehouse setting, including accidents, shipping mistakes and absenteeism. Burnout can also contribute to low levels of employee engagement and a negative workplace culture – these are all good reasons to ensure measures are being taken to make sure employees do not get too drained.


Bringing in some extra hands on a temporary basis can give your full-time employees a bit of breathing room and a chance to rest, to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Not only does this ensure your employees mental health and wellbeing are taken seriously, but it greatly reduces the probability of the various diminishing side-effects of a worn-out team.


You Are Having Trouble Finding Applicants 


It is a competitive market out there, especially after the turbulent year many of us have experienced. More often than not, managers and business owners simply do not have the time or resources to keep up with the shifting professional landscape and consistently source adequate applicants for their positions. According to recent figures, more than 80% of managers said they struggled with finding candidates for their open positions.


Whether you are trying to staff a hard-to-fill role, which can require a more extensive search, or you have a high volume of open positions to fill, taking on the task of hiring can be daunting, especially if your plate is already full. Select Staff has an extensive network of ready-to-work, qualified and reliable candidates that we stand behind.


Select Staff is happy to help businesses across Texas find the perfect team members for their company. Connect with us today by clicking here or emailing us directly at corporate@select-staff.com.

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