Breaking into a Booming Industry: How to Get Your First Logistics Job

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Logistics is among the most steadily growing industries in the country. Estimated to account for 10% of the total gross domestic product of the United States, logistics can encompass a wide range of sub-sectors including transportation, manufacturing, goods storage and more. There tends to be a large potential for upward career mobility in the logistics sector, and many positions are attainable without having a ton of experience starting out.


Working in the logistics field can be a rewarding and lucrative career – but how do you break into the industry? Like all competitive fields, it is important to understand exactly what these types of jobs entail and whether or not you would consider yourself to be a good fit before embarking down the career path.


Interested in giving logistics a go? Here are some of our top tips on how to land your first job in this growing industry.


Get to Know the Industry


The logistics industry is generally described as the “overall process of managing how resources are acquired, stored and transported to their final destination”. However, this definition is not static as it’s an industry that is ever evolving. Especially over the next few years, there are predicted to be many exciting changes in store for this sector that prospective job seekers should keep in mind.


Dedicating time to conduct research on the industry, some key players within it, and the types of roles and responsibilities that a job in logistics might entail is a great starting point. Read top logistics blogs or keep a tab on logistics mentions in the news – having a better understanding of the industry will make you a much more competitive and passionate candidate when the time comes to start looking for a position.


Understand the Requirements


There are many tiers to logistics, so there are naturally some discrepancies between the requirements for different positions. Many senior and upper logistics management roles require a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, or will accept work experience in a logistics-adjacent field in lieu of formal education. However, entry-level jobs typically imply ‘no previous experience’ by their very definition.


If you don’t have related experience or formal education in the logistics field to put on your resume, you can instead amplify your resume by homing in on skills and assets you possess that would be beneficial in this field. Interpersonal skills like problem-solving, communication and teamwork will all contribute positively to nearly every logistics role.


Another important factor to consider is looking into professional development, obtaining certifications or upskilling. While they aren’t fundamentally necessary, they will round you out as a more competitive candidate in the field, and there is no downside to learning a new skill.


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Reach out to Your Networks


While doing research on your own is helpful when exploring a new industry, getting anecdotal and personalized advice from someone in the field that you trust is another step up. Becoming a part of a professional network is one of the best ways to let others know you are actively looking for employment.


Do you know someone who works in the logistics industry? If so, having a relationship with an existing industry professional is a great asset and will help you learn whether a logistics career is right for you. Industry professionals can provide insight into their particular logistics journey, advantages and disadvantages of the industry, and introduce you to other people working in the field. If you don’t know anyone personally in the field, consider following discussion boards or social media groups that are populated by like-minded individuals – you never know who you might connect with.


Work with a Recruiter


Have you ever felt like you have to wait endlessly to receive information after submitting a resume? Have you had instances where you never hear back at all? Do you ever think that, if you could just get in front of a real person, then you’d drastically improve your likelihood to get hired? You’re not the only one!


Navigating a job search alone can be frustrating. One of the best ways to get noticed by hiring companies to land a position, regardless of the industry, is to work with a job search professional. Recruiters can provide critical advice and tools that job seekers of all levels will benefit from to secure employment, but they are especially valuable for those looking to land their first job in a specific sector.


Working with someone that thoroughly understands the hiring process and employment market can help streamline and simplify an otherwise challenging job search. Recruiters’ deep networks of industry professionals, employers and other job seekers are indispensable to countless candidates across the country – approximately 3 million workers are employed by staffing agencies every week.


In addition to connecting job seekers with the right individuals at hiring companies, recruiters provide significantly more value that makes the job search not only simpler, but faster and more enjoyable! Some perks of working with a staffing or recruiting agency include:


  • Preliminary interviews to get to know you as a person, including your experience, goals and professional aspirations
  • Resume help and interview coaching so that you can impress your potential future employer
  • Answering any questions or concerns you may have about any stage of the hiring process
  • Assistance transitioning to stable fulltime employment
  • Maintaining a professional relationship during and after your placement


Simply put, working with a staffing agency provides the support and industry know-how many candidates don’t have access to during the job search process. If you have never partnered with a staffing agency before, now may be the perfect time to start!


Select Staff is an industry leader in staffing and recruiting, with ten locations across the state of Texas. We help candidates get noticed and land positions that match their qualifications. We have deep relationships with a variety of companies that are hiring.  In other words, we can make the job search easier!


If you are looking for your first job in logistics, visit our job board for regularly updated opportunities or contact us to schedule an appointment at our office and talk to a recruiter.

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