Hiring for Volume: How to Attract Candidates to Your Warehouse Jobs

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The continued upswing of ecommerce, manufacturing and distribution have all meant that warehouse jobs are more popular than ever, and the demand for qualified warehouse workers is at an all-time high. One interesting aspect that many light industrial sectors are seeing is a historical change from one or two peak seasons is becoming more frequent pivots in demand. What this means is that a company’s need for large volumes of new candidates could switch by the day, and those peak periods are becoming less and less predictable.


If you are finding yourself needing to attract candidates to your open warehouse positions frequently, it may be time to re-evaluate your search strategies! There are some tried and tested methods for appealing to large volumes of candidates in effective and efficient ways that you can utilize the next time you are in a pinch – here are some of our favorites.


Write succinct and accurate job descriptions


The first step to attract warehouse workers to your open roles is to craft job descriptions for your company website or job boards that are descriptive, but concise and to-the-point. It may sound like a no-brainer, but your job description is usually a job seeker’s first impression of the role and company. Long and complicated job descriptions can be a huge deterrent.


Here is some vital information to include:

  • Information about the company and workplace culture
  • A brief description of the role, experience, and responsibilities required
  • Salary and perks – job posts that include this typically get more applicants


Warehouse positions tend to be temporary or contract roles and highly competitive. When it comes to these types of roles, the quicker and more accurately you can get the information across, the better – because that means the sooner your job seekers can start working, and the less likely they are to seek employment somewhere else.


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Adjust your approaches for different demographics


The American workforce as a whole is changing. More than one-third of working Americans are millennials, and generation Z is not far behind them. Marketing warehouse positions to the younger generation may require slightly different tactics than older demographics who have been in the industry longer. Some effective methods for getting younger people excited for your warehouse positions could include:

  • Placing an emphasis on social media and connecting with job seekers through these avenues
  • Attend high school career days or host educational workshops highlighting the benefits of warehouse work
  • Emphasize aspects like competitive hourly wages and flexible hours; factors that may be attractive to new workers


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Boost your online presence and employer brand


These days, many aspects of the job search are conducted online. With more information available via the worldwide web comes more competition for top talent. For this reason, it is important to develop a distinguishable employer brand that job seekers, present and future, will come to recognize you for.


Putting some effort into building and maintaining your online presence has a lot of benefits even if you are not actively looking for candidates – or, perhaps more importantly, if the best candidates are not actively looking for work. When you have a memorable and attractive employer image, job seekers will remember you when it is time for them to find a new role or they may be persuaded to leave their current position for yours.


Partner with a staffing agency


One of the most effective ways to attract candidates to your warehouse jobs – or any job, for that matter – is to partner with a staffing agency. They act as a liaison between employer and job seeker and ensure that both parties end up with a solution that works.


Staffing agencies that specialize in the field that you are working in are great assets to have on your side. They typically have years of experience sourcing and screening the exact candidate type you are looking for and come equipped with deep professional networks and talent pools full of qualified and eager candidates, which can be incredibly helpful when you need to hire a large volume of talent in a short period of time.


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