Manufacturing Trends that Could Affect Your 2021 Hiring

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The manufacturing industry has seen a number of changes over the past few months, and those changes are likely to persist into the second quarter of 2021. In addition to record growth over the past year, many aspects of the manufacturing sector have been positively affected by technological advancements, sustainability initiatives and a return to local supply chains…just to name a few!


As a business owner, it is important to stay on top of the potential trends that could be affecting the manufacturing industry in the coming months in order to stay ahead of the curve. Here is some insight into a few of the trends that 2021 may hold for the industry, the ways it could affect your hiring decisions and how a staffing agency can help!


A larger importance placed on local production


One of the biggest factors to affect the manufacturing industry last year was the heightened difficulty in collaborating with global supply chains due to various issues caused by the pandemic. While largely seen as a frustration at first, this resulted in manufacturers adopting a more localized approach, which in many cases can be a positive change.


Reducing outsourcing may also result in a significant change in your hiring processes. If “near-sourcing” more aspects of your manufacturing operation is in the cards for you, it will mean that you may require a larger team and strengthened local professional networks. Whether you’re seeking more hands-on deck or are interested in tapping into a deep network on industry pros, Select Staff can help!


A widening manufacturing skills gap


Advancements in technology and digitization have been a factor for the manufacturing industry for decades. However, according to Deloitte, there is a widening skills gap that has been accompanying the various technological changes in light industrial sectors, including manufacturing. While sometimes viewed as a threat, it is important to note that many experts agree that in most cases automation and technology are not brought into the workplace to replace humans; instead, they are utilized in order to collaborate and make human workers lives easier.


In some cases, the skills required to be a successful integration into a manufacturing business of the future may look different, and employers could have to adjust the candidate profiles they seek out. For example, it may be a good idea to diversify your candidate search to include workers that have more experience with technology that you previously prioritized! Offering or encouraging upskilling within your organization is another way to ensure your team has the necessary skillset to succeed.


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Sustainable manufacturing top of mind


As a trend that can be seen across many different industries, sustainability has been on the front burner for the last few years but has really gained traction recently. There are a number of ways that manufacturing operations can make their business models more sustainable, including balancing local and global relationships (sometimes known as “glocalization”), using eco-friendly shipping and energy solutions, and more.


Adopting more sustainable processes can mean a world of difference for efficiency and revenue, but what effect does it have on hiring? Hiring team members with a sustainability mindset, who are able to identify ways of smoothing out your operation to reduce environmental costs can go a long way.  With the right staff, sustainability can also mean cost savings for your organizations, for ex. having better inventory management to produce less waste and save money on supplies!



The lasting impact of COVID-19 


The impact of COVID-19 is certain to have lasting effects on various aspects of the professional world, even after cases have subsided and vaccines have rolled out. As a valuable link in the US supply chain industry, the manufacturing sector needs to remain strong and safe. When it comes to attracting candidates, employers must take care to ensure all COVID-19 safety and health measures are being met.


Job seekers are more likely to seek out businesses that have clearly articulated their safety and health parameters in their job descriptions and company websites, as well as have heightened safety measures in the physical workspace. In this climate, it is very possible that job seekers could turn down a position if they don’t believe the working conditions are safe, so employers should take care to follow through wherever possible.


Are you looking for some manufacturing talent? Select Staff would be happy to lend a hand. With forty years in the manufacturing staffing space, our dedicated and experienced recruiters have the expertise to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more.

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