How to Identify a Truly Equal Opportunity Employer

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For many workers, there can be an unspoken worry about whether or not you will have a fair chance at securing a job. An equal opportunity employer is a place of work that does not discriminate against workers of any age, race, gender or disability and provides equal payment and employment processes to all. In this day and age, we hope that every place of work values diversity and inclusive hiring practices!


At Select Staff, we believe firmly in the idea that everyone, no matter their walk of life, deserves to feel respected in their role We diligently infuse equitable hiring practices at every step and keep a mandate of open and transparent communication with all of our job seekers and employers. We also strive to partner with businesses that reflect our values.


If you are looking for an equal opportunity employer, we would be happy to help. Otherwise, here are some signs to look for to identify them on your own!


Do some research


The definition of an equal employment opportunity (EEO) can differ depending on the industry, location or size of a company. For example, businesses with fewer than 14 employees only have to comply with paying all gender identities equally for equal work, whereas companies with more than 20 employees cannot discriminate against people older than 40 years old. More information on varying compliance parameters can be found here.


Having a grasp on the different requirements and knowing exactly what you are entitled to can be very helpful when interacting with new companies for the first time and can prevent you from being taken advantage of.


Look for an EEO statement


Many businesses will have some sort of EEO statement on their website or in their job postings. This is typically a good indicator of their awareness of the compliance expectations and their willingness to be held accountable for ensuring equitable and inclusive hiring practices. While this is a good start, it is often considered the bare minimum for companies to include “____ is an equal opportunity employer”, and there are many other ways for companies to communicate their inclusive practices.


In this hiring climate, communicating equitable and diverse employment practices needs to be a top priority. If you don’t see a statement listed, you can try reaching out to a contact at the company and asking about their processes.


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Look for online reviews


Online reviews can be a valuable source of information that consumers use to determine whether or not a product or service is worth trying. Because they typically come from past customers of that product or service, they can also be somewhat more honest than a statement crafted by the brand themselves.


Around 86% of consumers will hesitate to use a product or service that has negative reviews online – the same principle can apply when choosing an employer. If you want to gain some more insight about their diversity and inclusivity hiring practices, try looking them up on Google or an employment site such as Glassdoor and see if you can find any red flags that might indicate a negative experience.


Ask previous hires about their experience


It is possible that someone you know may have worked with the company that you are interested in, so it’s always worth asking around within your personal networks. Personal anecdotes from someone you know and trust about their experience with the company can provide a world of valuable and honest insight.


Online networks can also be a good source of intel. There may be local job networking groups on social media or discussion boards on the web about working with a certain company, or an opportunity for you to ask. When it comes to your employment, if there are steps you can take to ensure your happiness and fair treatment, we recommend taking them.


Your job satisfaction is important to us, and it is imperative that you find a position where you feel valued, respected and treated fairly. It’s what you – and everyone – deserves! If you are looking for a new position to call your own, Select Staff would be happy to help. Contact us today to get started.

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