The Best Ways to Market Your General Labor Jobs

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At times, it can be challenging to attract job seekers to your open positions, especially in a candidate-driven market. In many situations, candidates are presented with a greater number of opportunities than ever before, and marketing jobs to them requires a significant amount of expertise.


In the general labor field, marketing your jobs to potential candidates presents a unique challenge. Taking into consideration the shifting workforce demographics, a widening skills gap, and competition from other industries, portraying these kinds of jobs in an effective way can be difficult – that’s where we come in!


Here are some of our top ways to market your general labor jobs.


Differentiate your jobs, company, and brand


When it comes to presenting your general labor jobs in an appealing way, it is about more than just selling individual job postings. On a grander scale, the end goal should be more directed to selling your company as a whole as a place that job seekers want to work at.


Putting effort into differentiating your company from others is a good strategy to not only market to active job seekers, but passive ones as well. The majority of job seekers are not actively looking but are passively keeping the idea of a new job on the backburner. If you develop an identifiable employer brand for your general labor business, noting ideas like high pay or great workplace culture, these passive job seekers are likely to remember you when they begin seriously searching for a job.


Highlight the extras


For the most part, general labor jobs are fairly self-explanatory; when someone applies for a job in one of these sectors, they have a pretty good idea of what they will be getting into, and job duties are fairly similar across the board. For this reason, it’s important to highlight all the differentiating perks that may come along with your positions to make them stand out. While that doesn’t necessarily have to mean formal benefits like paid time off or health insurance, items such as overtime pay, flexible hours or days off can be the catalyst for a job seeker choosing your position over a similar one from a competitor.


Be mindful of demographics


The global workforce is changing, and those changes are only going to become more prevalent as time goes on. With older generations retiring, and younger people having more options than ever, marketing a sector like general labor needs to adapt to the times.


Factors which may have been important to baby boomers could be different from the younger generations. There are stark differences that employers need to be aware of if they want to be able to recruit effectively. Think critically about what the ideal worker for your company looks like and adjust your approach appropriately. This strategy can make the likelihood of securing the right talent much higher!


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Be open to different skill sets


One of the main reasons job seekers don’t apply for positions is because they might not feel they meet all of the criteria and work experience required. As a widening skills gap continues to plague virtually every industry, it may be time to expand your parameters of who exactly is eligible for a particular position. Being open to evaluating interpersonal and transferable skills, rather than focusing solely on directly related experience, can mean your general labor jobs will be seen and considered by a much wider demographic of candidates. If your candidates can demonstrate strong communication, teamwork, time management and problem solving skills in different respects, they could be given a shot.


Work with a niche staffing agency


A staffing agency could be your best bet when it comes to locking down qualified, ready-to-work general laborers. Recruiters are the pros when it comes to sourcing and selecting the best candidates for your general labor jobs, but they can do much more than that. Search professionals can offer advice on how to adjust your job descriptions, give you access to their deep professional networks and a number of other services that can help your jobs stand out as more attractive than the competition.


They also provide tons of help on the candidate side, providing advice and guidance on interview prep, resume help, and so much more. Working with a staffing agency means that not only will you be able to find candidates for your jobs, but the RIGHT candidates!


Want to learn more about the general labor staffing market, and how Select Staff can help make your life easier? Contact us today.

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