The Most In-Demand Skilled Trades Positions

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Over the past several years, the demand for skilled trades talent has not been met by an ample supply of workers entering the various sectors. In conjunction with a large volume of baby boomers retiring from the trades, a significant labor shortage in most of the skilled trades has formed.


To combat this concerning skills gap, employers have tried several methods of attracting new candidates. Even after offering incentives like increased wages, health benefits and on-the-job training, the United States could still be facing a whopping three million unfilled trades positions by the year 2028.


Thinking about diving into an exciting career in the skilled trades? Here are some of the most in-demand positions to consider.


Alternative Energy


In respect to growing concerns surrounding climate change, interest in clean energy and finding more sustainable operational practices, tradespeople involved in alternative energy such as wind and solar power will be in extremely high demand over the coming years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions such as wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers are projected to grow immensely over the next eight years, by 61% and 51% respectively. These positions typically do not have any required educational background, and many employers provide on-the-job training due to their highly niched job duties.




Welders are in high demand and will continue to be over the next several years. A good portion of America’s infrastructure is approaching an age that requires maintenance. Welding work has other exciting applications that can range anywhere from building aircrafts to fixing race cars. Still, according to the American Welding Society, there could be a shortage of up to 450,000 open jobs in the next twelve months alone.


Construction Worker


When speaking about the country’s economic rebound, construction projects have played a huge role. A recent report found that companies in the United States still need to hire up to 430,000 more construction workers this year alone in order to keep up with demand, and that every $1 billion in construction spending generates an average of 5,700 construction jobs. With the national construction budget typically north of $1 trillion a month in the United States, jobs in this sector are not going anywhere, but construction companies are still having some difficulty finding skilled workers. There is a wide range of positions in construction, from entry-level to management, with opportunities for just about everyone.


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The electrician field is projected to see around 8% job growth by the year 2029 – or more than 62,000 jobs – which is double the average growth pace. In addition, some companies have seen growth of 30% or more over the last six months, but are still having incredible difficulty filling those positions. In general, electricians require a high school diploma or equivalent as well as an apprenticeship to gain on-hands experience. However, to keep up with demand, it is possible that employers may take on entry-level workers with little to no experience and provide extensive training on the job.


HVAC Technician


Learning the ins and outs of heating, cooling, and air-conditioning will continue to be in huge demand over the next several years, especially as more people turn towards installing energy-efficient alternatives to traditional HVAC products. The field of HVAC is projected to grow by 13% by the year 2028, which is more than three times the average rate. Some of the most fervent contributing factors to this rapid growth are different emerging technologies, a huge opportunity for job advancement, and a large volume of existing HVAC experts retiring from the field.


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