The Top 5 Reasons to Start a Career in Logistics

logistics career

Compared to more common industries, logistics may not sound like one of the most well-known career choices. However, logistics is one of the most essential sectors in the world, and it is also quickly becoming one of the biggest as well.


The COVID-19 pandemic threatened to uproot the world of logistics and supply chain in a profound way, but the industry has persevered, and it is now one of the most thriving fields to be a part of. Subsectors such as e-commerce logistics grew nearly 30% last year, and those numbers are only expected to rise.


If you are interested in exploring this exciting industry but need a little more convincing, here are our top five reasons to start a career in logistics.


High Job Satisfaction


Everyone wants to work at a job they enjoy. Year after year, professionals in the logistics field have said they love working in the industry. A recent report found that 44% of people working in the logistics field were ‘very satisfied’ with working in their industry, and 45% were ‘somewhat satisfied’.


With nearly 90% of all logisticians saying they have some degree of satisfaction with their job, the chances are good that someone entering the field might like it as well. And on good grounds – there are many reasons to be satisfied, including high pay, exciting job opportunities and more.


Little to No Experience Necessary


While upper-level management and more senior roles will necessitate some related experience, many logistics jobs do not require any formal experience or specialized schooling to be considered for a role, especially entry-level ones, which is where most professionals start their logistics journey. Emphasizing the skills you have and how they can be applied to a role in logistics is often enough to break into the industry in a beginner role – people with skills such as customer service, analytical skills, and adaptability tend to perform well in this field.


High Demand


Because the supply chain and logistics industries are expanding so rapidly, the demand for qualified candidates has never been higher. According to numerous reports, job openings in warehousing, transportation and related fields are growing at an unprecedented rate, and there will be a projected 600,000 more openings by the year 2029.


Because the need for professionals in this industry is so high, many employers are starting to offer higher wages, work perks and flexible hours in order to attract more candidates. Especially with the holiday season right around the corner, there has never been a better time to explore this field.


logistics worker


Opportunity for Career Growth


There are countless types of jobs that fall under the scope of logistics. Generally speaking, logistics is an umbrella term that covers a number of industries, including warehousing, transportation, supply chain, storage and more. There are a number of different career paths in logistics and several different specialities that workers can look into. Because the logistics industries are so deeply intertwined, there is tons of opportunity for upward mobility and career advancement, which allows workers to build truly unique and dynamic career paths that will keep them on their toes.


Learn Transferable Skills 


Logistics is a great industry to learn a plethora of useful and transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of different jobs. Even if you want to branch out into a new sector down the road, most of the interpersonal skills learned during your time in a role will be relevant in another industry.


Soft skills such as problem-solving, communication, delegation, and time-management are applicable in virtually every job under the sun. So, even if logistics is not your long-term goal, your time spent in the sector will have been worthwhile.


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