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We keep businesses running in Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding communities. Specializing in finding, evaluating and placing light industrial, clerical and administrative talent, we are laser-focused on helping our client companies improve their operations by developing and deploying a strategic workforce plan.

We find that recruiting, evaluating and retaining quality employees is a challenge for many companies. Finding the right employees is difficult enough – but retaining them can be even more challenging. We can help.

When we are looking for employees, we go beyond the job board. We use a variety of recruiting sources to ensure a continuous flow of high quality candidates, uncover candidates that our competitors don’t, and reach highly skilled and committed individuals. Our clients know they can count on us to uncover the talent they need and that frees them to get back to what they do best – run their businesses.

Once we find the right employee we conduct a thorough on-boarding to make sure that employees are armed with the information they need to be productive on day 1. We review the job responsibilities, we share the performance expectations and we talk about the company culture and logistics. The proper on-boarding makes the first day, and every day after, go smoother.

Selected and thoroughly on-boarded , our employees are off to a great start – but we’re not finished yet. We stay engaged with both the client and the employee until the assignment is complete.  We conduct a series of quality checks to make sure everything is going according to plan – and to solve little problems before they become big problems. We tell our clients, “We can’t control other people – but we can control the customer service that we provide. Our promise to you is that if a problem arises, we will be here, working with you to solve it and getting your workforce back on track.”

Give us a call – experience the Select Staff difference.

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