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Quick to respond and ready to help – that’s how customers, employees and applicants describe us. We make staffing faster, easier and more efficient for all parties by using a mix of technology and a unique personal touch.

Our customers experience the Select Staff personal touch when we conduct our first tour of their facility. We seek to learn as much as we possibly can about their operation – their goals, productivity standards, challenges, safety protocols and more. At the conclusion of this first tour we come away with a thorough knowledge of the customer that helps us find and place the employees they need to reach their operational goals. And, the personal touch doesn’t stop there. When our customers call – we answer! As their needs change, we change and flex with them. Our objective is to be move beyond being a staffing provider to being a strategic staffing partner. We want to be the people our customers call when they need help.

Applicants experience the personal touch when they come to the branch to apply. Our application, interview and on-boarding processes are designed to thoroughly evaluate and educate each applicant. We want to know what our applicants are looking for, and we want to share our knowledge and expertise with them. We help applicants reach their goals.

Employees experience the personal touch when they accept assignments. Understanding our customers and their workforce needs, means can set our employees up for success. We conduct a client-specific, assignment orientation so that employees know exactly what to expect when they arrive on the first day. No more wondering where to go, who to talk to or what to do. We lay it all out so that employees will feel welcomed, appreciated and productive.

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