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We are a big, busy team focused on getting it right for employees and employers in Lubbock, Texas. With nine recruiting and staffing professionals working in one location, the phone never stops ringing – and we love it. Our client companies run the gamut, from a supermarket warehouse and distribution center to the world’s largest agricultural inputs company to a high security, bilingual call center, we staff it all. We know each customer is unique, so we work hard to understand what they are trying to accomplish. It starts with a tour of the customer’s facility – we want to see exactly where our employees will be working and what they will be doing. Knowing what the job requires and understanding the work environment enables us to select the right employees and prepare them to be productive on their first day.

As much as we love our clients – and we do – we can’t make it happen without a fantastic labor pool. Because we know that our client companies deserve the very best, our recruiting specialists take the time to meet and evaluate every applicant. Whether candidates have entry-level or highly specialized skills, we conduct a one-on-one interview to make sure we understand what each candidate is looking for, what they have to offer and how we can help them reach their goals.

When you put it all together – some of the very best employers in the region matched with some of the most motivated employees – you have a recipe for success, but there is still work to do. We prepare employees for assignments by telling them exactly what to expect – the company culture, the productivity expectations, the safety requirements, etc. Then, we keep our finger on the pulse by conducting a series of quality checks with the customer and the employee to ensure the successful completion of the assignment.

Give us a call – we would love to help you manage your workforce.

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