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Select Staff has a long, successful history in San Antonio, Texas. The Select Staff story started in San Antonio over 30 years ago with a mission to help client companies increase productivity and improve their bottom line. And, we’re still going strong in San Antonio today, serving companies in diverse industries ranging from shipping to heating and air conditioning to steel production, we focus on light industrial and clerical placements.

Technology has been a game changer for the staffing industry over the last 30 years. And, while we embrace it when it makes our processes easier and more efficient, we still use a high-touch approach with clients and employees. Spending the time to get to know what makes our clients and employees unique gives us an edge over the competition. We visit our customers’ facilities and we conduct face-to-face interviews with candidates, because we know that the time we spend building those relationships pays dividends to everyone.

Turnover is a headache for employers – and it eats into profits. High touch helps. When we thoroughly understand the customer we can provide employees who come to work on time, meet established productivity standards, follow required safety protocols and work until the assignment is complete.

On the flip side – job search is a headache for employees. High touch helps here too. Our recruiting professionals meet with every candidate to understand not only what the applicant can do, but also what the applicant wants to do. Armed with this knowledge we know how to help applicants find employment that meets their immediate needs and furthers their career goals.

Our best day is the day we make a match between a great company and a great employee, and lucky for us, that is every day. Give us a call and let us make a match for you.

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