Employer FAQs

You need a staffing service that:

  • Takes the time to understand everything about your day-to-day operation and your industry
  • Can demonstrate a recruiting process that goes beyond posting jobs on a couple of job boards
  • Can share where they have solved this issue in the past
  •  Is a member of the American Staffing Association and adheres to the ASA’s code of ethics and best practices

We get results. Select Staff solves the problems that are critical for our customers. We offer solutions that fit their unique industry and help them improve efficiencies.

We are local. You will work with a team of staffing experts in your market. When you call Select Staff, you are talking to a staffing expert who understands the employment conditions in your region.

We are hiring experts. We source, screen and present qualified candidates who will help you meet your goals. You take care of your customers, manage your production, and work to increase your bottom line.

We work to understand your industry and your company so we can take meticulous job orders that lead us to the right candidates. We understand what make your worksite unique so that we can define the characteristics of the ideal employee.

We are a member of the American Staffing Association. The ASA promotes legal, ethical and professional practices for the staffing industry and keeps site members abreast of the latest developments in labor and employment law and best practices.

We comply and we assume the risk. We conduct a criminal background check on every application and carefully assess each candidate before we make a hiring decision. We offer the drug testing you need. We use E-verfiy to verify every candidate’s right to work in the United States. We take responsibility for unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation insurance.

We are serious about safety. We partner with you to reduce workplace hazards and eliminate on-the-job injuries.

When you partner with Select Staff, you’re buying peace of mind. We will find and place the employees you need, and we stay involved until the assignment is complete. When they arrive at your worksite, our employees are ready to get to work.

When you place an order we guarantee a response in 29 minutes or less. Orders come in all shapes and sizes. We can’t always fill you order in 29 minutes – we do always contact you in 29 minutes or less so you know the status of your order and the timeline for filling it.

Changing staffing vendors is not difficult – but it does take careful planning. We have completed successful transitions with companies of all sizes. In every case, we adhere to the best practices for an orderly transition when taking over an account being serviced by another staffing firm – that are outlined in the American Staffing Association’s Code of Ethics and Good practices. We will develop an exit plan that won’t interfere with your operation and that will ensure a successful transition for all concerned.