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Select Staff is laser-focused on consistently solving clients’ problems. We know every business is unique, which is why we tailor every solution to your specific needs, goals and challenges.

Any temporary staffing service can send you a warm body. But Select Staff knows that the job function, the industry, your market position and your corporate culture impact the type of person you need for a role, whether that employee is full time or supplemental.

We commit to understanding your operation so you can receive optimized labor and the best outcome for your business.

Areas of Focus


We are serious about employee retention, because great companies are made of great employees. Effective retention strategies decrease turnover and help you reach your productivity and profitability goals.

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By far the most impactful factor in increasing workplace productivity is hiring and retaining top talent. Choosing a staffing agency that will help you build a skilled, committed workforce makes all the difference.

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Looking for better outcomes? It starts with who you hire. At Select Staff, helping you reach your goals is our number one priority.

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Client Services

We know a cookie cutter approach doesn’t work. We analyze your operation, your reality and your goals to arrive at a solution that gives you the results you desire.

You need employees who arrive at your facility ready to go! We offer customized employee assessments and laser-focused orientations to provide you the employees who are productive on their first day and who help you achiever your production goals.

An analysis of your facility and a dedicated Safety Manager make Select Staff a true safety partner. We work to eliminate injuries and lost production.

We give you a report card that tells you how we did, and together we develop a plan to move forward.

Meet the team, observe our hiring process, and watch how we work so you can decide if we are a good fit before you buy.

Maintain accountability and performance by measuring and analyzing staff usage and performance. Select Staff continually measures performance, so we can recalibrate our approach as needs or conditions change.

Customized tests to ensure candidates possess required skills and are suited to your unique organization.

Increase the competency of your employees with specialized software training through Select Staff.

Maximize your safety ratio through our appraisal system.

If you have recurring business challenges, it’s time to try something new. Partner with Select Staff, a top recruitment agency in Dallas, TX.

End your staffing headaches today.

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