How to Reduce Burnout Among Your Warehouse Staff

warehouse burnout

When busy periods arise at work, the potential for employee stress can go through the roof. Industries such as warehousing and manufacturing have seen those busy stretches escalate even further over the past year, as a result of increased implementation of ecommerce. When these hectic times occur, it is important to make sure your staff has their wellbeing in check, to avoid injury, mistakes and burnout.


Burnout is among the top reasons for stress, poor performance and turnover among workers. A shocking 77% of workers reported experiencing burnout at their current place of work, according to a Deloitte survey. Working in a warehouse can be especially strenuous on physical and mental wellbeing, so taking the appropriate steps to keep your staff protected in these places of work is extremely important.


Here are some of the best ways to keep warehouse burnout at bay.


Know the Warning Signs


Burnout can affect anyone, even the most seasoned of workers, and can often happen without warning. The best way to reduce burnout is to stop it before it happens. Training your staff at all levels to know what signs to look for in themselves and in their coworkers can help mitigate risk, especially when you have a large team and can’t keep track of everyone at once.


Some common warning signs include:


  • Employees are easily frustrated, agitated or upset
  • Employees become frequently sick or rundown
  • More frequent errors are being made with tasks they are familiar with


Hosting a seminar or having a mandatory training session can help instill some peace of mind that your staff is prepared.


Keep Shifts to Reasonable Lengths


Fatigue can mean lack of concentration, stress and confusion in any setting. But when it comes to your warehouse operation, exhaustion can lead to lost revenue and costly mistakes – around $136 billion dollars a year in the United States alone – as well as immense stress on your workforce. While working overtime every now and then can be appealing for both employer and employee alike, it isn’t a good idea to rely on it too often.


Studies have shown that employees tend to stop being as effective after shifts of around eight or more hours, and that anything longer can actually result in lost productivity. If your employees are working overtime on a regular basis, they may not only become exhausted, but you may experience diminishing results over time. Employing first, second and third shift workers is a more effective way to keep employees rested and productivity at a premium.


warehouse burnout


Stay Organized


The wellbeing of warehouse workers is often a direct result of the ways they are managed. However, according to recent figures, up to 40% of employees don’t have a clear sense of what their responsibilities are at work.


There are a number of ways to ensure sufficient training and communication among your warehouse staff. Thorough onboarding processes, regular performance check-ins and formal training sessions can all contribute towards your staff being prepared for what the average day will bring. When everyone knows exactly what is expected of them, they are less likely to become overwhelmed, and your warehouse will run much more efficiently as well.


Create a Supportive Workplace Environment


Keeping open lines of communication is one of the most important factors of any successfully run operation – still, a recent survey found that 4 out of 5 American workers feel overwhelmed or unsupported due to ineffective communication from their company. If workers don’t feel like they can reach out to their superiors when they are in need, it is only a matter of time before burnout and stress sets in.


Creating a professional environment that is built on mandates of transparency, support and mutual respect is non-negotiable, especially in an increasingly competitive job market. A recent study found that two of the top reasons people leave their jobs is a lack of appreciation and feeling burnt out. If employees don’t feel like they are being respected or supported in their current place of work, it is entirely possible that they may move on to another employer.


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