How to Become a Better Employee in 2020

There is no shortage of blogs and articles on how to be a better manager or leader. But it’s just as important for employees to look for ways to grow, too. Since managers are also employees, they need to be team players, so any advice to their people will also apply to them, too.

Here are some tips for improving yourself as an employee this year, regardless of your title:

Be respectful

There are many ways you can show respect, not the least of which is being cooperative. Being tolerant is another. Stop and think before you make judgments, or else you’ll find yourself in an unhappy and unproductive work environment. Respect those whose opinions differ from yours and avoid unnecessary tension and conflict. Participate in discussions rather than starting arguments.

Remain focused

Today, distractions are everywhere. Some of them are small—text messages and emails—and others are bigger, such as meetings and project planning. Perhaps you’re being held up by a talkative coworker or the new hire with lots of questions. Whatever the distraction, it’s breaking your focus and causing you to be less productive.

Start by writing down each time you are distracted until a pattern emerges. Once you have identified what is causing you to lose focus, you can take steps to deal with it.

Learn how to prioritize

Distractions aren’t the only thing causing you to lose focus. A heavy workload can upset you just as easily.  You can feel overwhelmed, as every task seems to be equally important. But you can take control by prioritizing all that work.

Use a spreadsheet or a pad and pencil to make a list of everything you must do. Categorize the projects by deadline and sort them by difficulty, how long it will take to complete them, or whatever else helps you get the list under control. The list will help you focus on your priorities and ensure that you don’t drop the ball on any of them.

Show your commitment

Instead of just showing up, going through the motions, and doing enough to keep your job, try investing yourself in your work. You’ll find your job to be more satisfying, and you’ll end up being productive and successful. You might find it hard at first to change your mindset, but you’ll be rewarded for your effort by being happier at work and discovering that you’re moving up that proverbial ladder.

Minimize your time at the computer

While we have come to depend on email and various apps to communicate, it’s important not to abandon face-to-face interaction. Talking to a coworker encourages collaboration and helps with the decision-making process. It can also be a stress breaker when you unglue yourself from the screen.

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