How the Skilled Trades Shortage May Affect Your Hiring

skilled trades shortage

Carpenter, construction worker, welder, electrician: what do these professions have in common? They all fall under the category of skilled trades and are also some of the most essential and necessary jobs needed to keep society afloat. However, there has never been a bigger demand for these kinds of positions – or a smaller supply.


The widening trades gap presents problems for individuals who rely on these services, as well as business owners who rely on this kind of manpower, and has already led to projects slowing down, consumer costs going up and presents the potential for companies falling behind and struggling to adapt.


Here is some of our insight into how the ongoing trades shortage could affect your company’s ability to hire, and how a staffing agency like Select Staff can help the situation!


The Growing Shortage


The skills trades shortage has been slowly growing for the past several years, but has really reared its head over the past twelve months. The majority of the discrepancy between supply and demand is due to waves of baby boomers retiring, with not enough skilled tradespeople entering the fields at a fast enough rate to replace them. Another prevalent issue is a generalized lack of interest in the skilled trades from younger generations, having access to a much broader employment market than ever before.


This means that there are often not enough workers in the various trades, but that it also takes much longer to find someone suitable to hire, and employers often must settle for someone with little to no experience. While training is often provided on the job, it can still take anywhere from 27 to 39 days to fill a single skilled trades opening in the United States, on average.


How the Shortage May Affect Your Hiring


The pressing issue with this ongoing skilled trades shortage can be looked at in terms of both quality and quantity. First, employers may worry that the level of expertise of new hires might pale in comparison to older workers who have decades more experience; secondly, there may simply not be enough workers in general to fill the number of available jobs, leaving those who are working overwhelmed and burnt-out.


Both of these factors are understandably stressful for employers who need the appropriate manpower and skill level to operate. Unfilled vacancies and replacing unfit hires can both be extremely costly for businesses, and in this day and age, saving money wherever possible is a must. In addition to these logistical threats, having the wrong candidate working a job can lead to high stress, frequent injury and accidents, low levels of job satisfaction and engagement, and many more emotional tolls that can have a negative affect on both employee and employer.


skilled trades


How a Staffing Agency Can Help


One of the biggest challenges that hiring managers and employers have all agreed upon for the past few years is a lack of qualified candidates – or, perhaps more accurately, a lack of access to them. This skilled trades shortage is only exasperating an ongoing staffing and recruiting issue, and while staffing agencies may not be able to make tradespeople appear out of nowhere, you are going to have a much better chance at landing a great employee when you work with a search partner.


Finding qualified candidates has never been so difficult, but finding and retaining qualified candidates is what staffing agencies do best! When you work with a niche agency such as Select Staff, that specializes in sourcing candidates for your exact job type, they have access to a deep talent pool of ready-to-work skilled professionals to choose from, which can significantly reduce your time-to-hire.


Recruiters are in the business of helping their clients make good hiring decisions, and helping their candidates find employment that works for them. Working with a staffing agency means that not only are you more likely to land a great new employee (or five), but that they are more likely to stick around for the long haul.


Are you in need of help mitigating the ongoing trades shortage? Reach out to Select Staff. We have been staffing the great state of Texas for forty years and would be happy to be of service. Contact us today.

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