Learn About New Certifications That Will Help Employers Avoid Employee Turnover Costs

Your business wants talented professionals who will stay with your company for the foreseeable future — otherwise, your employee turnover costs could be high.

On average, the United States’ annual employee turnover rate is 19%; this figure represents both voluntary and involuntary turnover. Meanwhile, the cost of employee turnover varies. Still, it can add up quickly because a company must invest time and resources to recruit new talent and suffer productivity losses for each day a vacant position.

When it comes to limiting employee turnover costs, various options are available. In some cases, businesses may inadvertently rush to add new talent to fill roles without performing comprehensive due diligence. In these instances, companies may be susceptible to poor hires that do more harm than good for their bottom line.

Another option that businesses should consider as they search for ways to avoid employee turnover costs: working with Job Profilers. To understand the benefits of working with Job Profilers, let’s answer some of the key questions about these professionals.

What Is a Job Profiler?

ACT offers job profiling certification, and professionals who become authorized Job Profilers are taught how to help employers identify, attract, and retain top talent. Job Profilers receive comprehensive training, so they can become expert resources to companies that need to add top talent. As such, Job Profilers can make it simple for a business to find the right talent, at the right time — and eliminate employee turnover costs.

How Does Someone Become a Job Profiler?

Job Profilers must complete six weeks of guided self-study using workbooks, web tools, and ACT SkillPro software. They must also complete a multi-day onsite training workshop to practice their new skills and complete ACT assessments.

Should Your Business Work with a Job Profiler?

Along with avoiding employee turnover costs, there are many reasons why businesses work with Job Profilers, including:

  • You can streamline talent recruitment. A Job Profiler can write detailed job descriptions and offer other support to help you quickly identify the best candidates for roles across your business.
  • You can find talent that suits your business. A Job Profiler can help you engage with talented professionals who fit your culture.
  • You can speed up the hiring process. A Job Profiler can help you establish a simple, straightforward, and fast hiring process.

A Job Profile can be a difference-maker for your business, regardless of its size or industry. With a Job Profiler at your side, you can get the help you need to add outstanding professionals to your team and keep them happy going forward.

Want to Connect with Top Talent and Avoid Employee Turnover Costs? Partner with Select Staff

A Job Profiler can be beneficial, but working with a staffing agency may prove to be a superior option. Because if you partner with a staffing agency, you can reap the benefits of a full team committed to helping your company optimize its talent engagement, recruitment, and retention.

At Select Staff, we help Texas businesses identify top talent. We will learn about your business and ensure that you can connect with quality job seekers who can fill various roles. To learn more, please contact us today.

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