How to Address Your COVID-19 Layoff in a Resume and Job Interview

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused many businesses to lay off employees. Meanwhile, if you were laid off during the pandemic, it can be tough to find a job during the crisis. It can also be difficult to address your COVID-19 layoff in a resume and job interview.   

Ultimately, there are several things you can do to explain an employment gap caused by the pandemic in a resume and job interview, such as: 

  1. Be Honest

The pandemic has caused widespread problems for employers and workers globally. If you were laid off during the pandemic, there is no reason to panic. Instead, accept your employment gap and be honest with prospective employers about it.  

You can also show potential employers that even though the pandemic caused you to lose your job, the crisis has not hampered your spirit. To do so, you can highlight any skills you learned or classes you have completed during the pandemic in a resume or job interview. You can also offer insights into any volunteer work or part-time or temporary roles you accepted during the pandemic.   

  1. Avoid the Blame Game

It can be tempting to blame the pandemic for your job loss. Yet, when problems arise, you should be ready to rise to the occasion. If you can show potential employers that you can thrive in the face of adversity, you are well-equipped to land your dream job, even if you were laid off during the pandemic.  

Rather than get down on yourself due to your COVID-19 layoff, embrace the opportunity to pursue your career goals. The layoff has happened, but it cannot deter you as you seek ways to grow your career. Thus, you can take the time, energy, and resources you previously invested in your job and use them to ensure you can tailor your resume to specific roles and prepare as much as possible for each job interview.   

  1. Get Ready to Address Your Employment Gap

Do not hide the fact that you were laid off during the pandemic. Conversely, include up-to-date information about your career in your resume and prepare to address the fact that you experienced a COVID-19 layoff when you interview for jobs.   

Remember, it can be uncomfortable to address a COVID-19 layoff, but most employers will be empathetic to your circumstances. You can also share your most recent employer’s contact information or professional references from this organization with a potential employer. In doing so, you can help a potential employer reach out to managers or peers from your previous employer to learn about you and find out why you may be the best candidate for a particular role.  

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