Why Do Job Seekers Use Staffing Agencies?

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Finding a new job is considered to be among one’s most stressful life events. As job search professionals, it is our goal to reduce the stress and help deserving, hardworking job seekers find employment that is consistent, rewarding and reflective of their skill sets.


Working with a recruiter can open up a whole new world of opportunity and provide a wealth of insight and advice towards your professional goals. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or are an experienced worker, staffing agencies can lend much needed expertise and reveal valuable paths for networking.


If you have never worked with a staffing agency before, you may have some questions about how they operate and why some job seekers choose to form partnerships with recruiters rather than go directly to hiring managers. Keep reading to discover some of the top reasons why working with a staffing agency is a great choice.


It’s free to use


Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of many staffing agencies is the fact that they are a free service for job seekers. At no cost, individuals seeking employment can vastly extend their reach by have recruiters working with their best interests in mind to land them a great position!


In general, when working with a staffing agency, the employer (aka the agency’s client) is the one that pays the placement fee. This is very positive news for job seekers who are hoping to find a job and don’t want to worry about footing a bill, especially while unemployed.


You are interested in a job for which you have little experience 


Finding a new job can present its challenges, even when you do have related experience. But what about when you want to try something new? It can become an even more competitive market when attempting to find your first job in a new industry.


Everyone deserves an equal opportunity. Recruiters have access to a plethora of open jobs and know which ones are accepting entry-level candidates. They can help identify the positions that may be perfect for someone with little to no experience; they are also experts at preparing and presenting candidates to employers as good fits based on their interpersonal skills and growth potential.


Working temporary positions can also often lead to longer term or permanent placements, should you desire these employment types. Getting your foot in the door with the help of a staffing agency is a great way to earn some experience and figure out if a new sector is a good fit for you.


You are new to the area


Another reason a job seeker may enlist the help of a staffing agency is because they have moved to a new location and don’t yet have a local professional network that can help them land a position. If you don’t know where to look, staffing agencies are always an excellent place to start.


Moving can be taxing enough as it is without having to worry about finding a new job on your own. Recruiters can help familiarize someone with their new town and the types of jobs that are available. They likely also have a better grasp on important considerations like commute times, what your salary expectations should be in the given region, and any other local intricacies that may be helpful.


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Recruiters have an insider edge


Many employers work with a staffing agency because they have an established relationship and trust the quality of candidates that the agency brings to the table. Because employers often go straight to their staffing agency partners, they may not list their jobs online. For this reason, there are often many jobs available that job seekers simply won’t know about without working with a search professional.


As a result of recruiters deep professional networks and familiarity with their clients, they can also take care to match job seekers with a position that they truly believe will be a good fit for both parties. When searching alone, job seekers may just take any job they can find; with a staffing agency like Select Staff, we strive to find you a role that you will love!


You need help standing out


Depending on the industry, a job search can be very competitive. While the employment market has definitely been moving in the right direction over the past several months, it can still sometimes be difficult to catch the eye of an employer in this climate.


Staffing agencies help prepare candidates to be more competitive and give them guidance on how to present the skills and experience that they do have in the best possible light. In addition to connecting job seekers with positions, they can also provide insight with interview tips, resume writing, and even specific job training! The feedback that they can provide throughout the entire hiring process can be extremely valuable and help job seekers to become a better candidate over time.


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