Warehouse Efficiency: Critical Changes to Make in Spring 2021

warehouse efficiency

In 2021, the warehouse industry is continuing its steady climb, with a projected market share of over 1.3 trillion this year. With more operations popping up in record time and an increased consumer demand for businesses that utilize warehouse space, it is important that your business is working as smoothly as possible in order to stay profitable and competitive. Ensuring efficiency not only helps you get your orders out on time, but it also promotes a number of other positive aspects of your workplace. By making the most of your manpower, resources and time, you can improve your bottom line, stand out from the competition and create a high-functioning and productive place to work. 


Now is a good time to start evaluating your warehouse efficiency and identifying strengths and weaknesses in your processes, so that by the time seasonal upswings pick up again later in the year, you will have identified your most effective methods and be operating at your highest level. Here are some critical efficiency changes to make to your warehouse this spring. 


Streamline & Adjust Your Processes


Figuring out the most efficient workflow for your particular operation is not going to happen overnight, nor is it necessarily going to exactly mimic the workflow of every other warehouse. For this reason, it is essential to be constantly trying new things and adjusting your procedures to find the most effective and conservative methods. 


Having a standardized set of processes in place that are rules-based and repeatable ensures the consistency, productivity and overall quality of your output. Taking the time to organize all of your workstations, regularly updating your staff on the changes to your procedures and being open to the process of trial and error are all necessary toward narrowing in on the approach that works best for you and your team.  


Keep Open Lines of Communication


There are many moving parts in a warehouse, and successful operations are dependent on the teamwork of multiple staff members working towards a common goal. One of the fastest ways to stunt that success is when team members don’t communicate with one another – 86% of employees cite a lack of communication and collaboration as one of the main reasons for workplace failures and inefficiencies. 


Keeping open and honest lines of communication open among all levels of your staff will lend itself to a well-run warehouse. Encourage your team members to communicate with one another on a regular basis, to come forward to management staff with new ideas or potential problems, and to hold one another accountable will all contribute to a more collaborative and team-oriented workplace. 


warehouse efficiency


Place an Emphasis on Training and Onboarding


In addition to having awesome staff on your team, making sure they know exactly what is expected of them is another must for the success of your warehouse. The first few weeks of a new hire’s time with a company is arguably the most important – companies that invest in effective onboarding and training retain 50% more new hires than companies that don’t. Also, refreshing existing staff on updated training protocols as they happen is also critical to make sure everyone is on the same page. 


Employees that have had sufficient training and onboarding surrounding their new position are also more likely to be productive and motivated. In fact, a recent study found that employees that had a positive onboarding experience were up to 18 times more engaged and committed to the success of their workplace. Select Staff also offers training to many qualified candidates before they even start on the job, giving them a competitive edge. 


Hire Hardworking, Reliable Staff


Great people are at the heart of every positive workplace: team members that are skilled, reliable, and hardworking. Building a strong team is essential to improving the efficacy of your business – but sometimes, finding the right talent isn’t always easy. 


According to a recent study, around 7 in 10 companies said it was more difficult than ever to find qualified candidates for their open positions. Hiring the wrong people can affect your efficiency, but also lead to a number of other problems, including high turnover rates and a poor workplace culture, all of which negatively contribute to your overall performance. 


Working with a staffing agency such as Select Staff can help rectify any potential personnel issues you may come across. Every candidate that walks through our door is pre-screened, given interview prep and often provided training before being presented to our clients, so that they arrive on the job ready to hit the ground running.


Are you looking to add some new team members to your warehouse company in 2021? Select Staff has years of experience in this field and would be more than happy to lend a hand. Contact us today to get started. 

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